Putting down confident girls is not feminism

shaming sex workers is not feminism

"I’m not like other girls" is not feminism

slut shaming is not feminism

shaming BDSM practitioners is not feminism

misandry is not feminism

ignoring trans women’s rights is not feminism

Also body shaming is not feminism either.

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posters made to leave around the school

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What doesn’t kill me should run, because now I’m fucking pissed

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tumblr has ruined the word daddy forever

if i ever have a kid and they call me daddy i’m going to think of that skinny nerd whipping his bed with a belt

I still find it pathetic that people here measure that person’s dominance by how skinny he is. I remember that gif. Some of the people reblogging it and laughing that the Dominant was some huge built person were also the same people I see PRETENDING to care about body equality.

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Anonymous said: At least vegans are trying to reduce their environmental impact though... I think it's great that they are aware and trying to make a difference






Vegans aren’t the only people trying to help the environment though, there are loads of ways to help and just because someone isn’t changing their diet doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to help



you can be. The same way you can be an environmentalist and have a drivers licence or own a car. Veganism is the right choice for me, but I still use my car to get to and from school. we’re not perfect just because we choose to be vegan. Yes. I think more people should go vegan, but they need to make that choice themselves. 

The thing is, veganism is something that most people can easily give up without sacrificing anything. It is the easiest way for the majority of the population to not contribute to pollution, animal and human exploitation…unlike transportation.

I live in an area that literally depends on me having my own car to get to work. The public transportation here is shit (I know/have known many people who have to use it and they have huge problems with it) and I don’t have the time to constantly bike to where I need to go. I don’t sacrifice anything being a vegan.

Obviously there are obstacles for people to go vegan (and by obstacles I mean REAL ones) but getting as close to it as possible is the better option.

Also, eating meat and dairy causes way more devastation to the environment than not driving. It’s sort of a false comparison. There is nothing that people in first world countries do that is more environmentally destructive than consuming meat and dairy (and especially beef).

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People are just heterosexual for attention. I swear ALL the girls in high school were heterosexual because they thought it was cool. Heterosexuality is just a trend. It’s so mainstream.

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Giant surgery scar waaaah. But here’s me.

your body is beautiful :O




Giant surgery scar waaaah. But here’s me.

your body is beautiful :O


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So for a while I’ve suffered from lack of pull-up bar…

But now my morning run includes running to the local park, and there’s a pullup bar there… So starting tomorrow I’m adding pullups to my routine! It’s time to strengthen my pathetic back!! >:|